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肯雅 Gakundu AA 水洗


地區: Embu County, Central Kenya
豆種: SL28, Ruiru 11, Batian
咖啡豆簡介/烘焙方向:Gakundu 是一個小區合作社,在剛賣完 Othaya 所在的Nyeri 區東面。生豆本身果酸高,雖已於烘焙發展複雜度同咖啡回甘,入口厚實的後韻都會帶點酸,一個飲到較酸紅酒就會無問題的酸度。

包裝:100g 原豆/包



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Gakundu is a washing station — or factory, as they are called in Kenya — and cooperative society. It is located in the county of Embu, at the base of Mount Kenya, just east of Nyeri.

The Gakundu washing station sits at an altitude of about 1,650m above sea level. Around 1,262 members of the Gakundu Farmers Cooperative Society deliver coffee cherry to the station. They own small plots of land at an average altitude of 1,650m above sea level. The main varieties of coffee grown are SL-28, Ruiru, and Batian, which grow under the shade of macadamia and grevillea trees in the rich volcanic soil.

The area experiences an annual rainfall of 1,100mm, and has a biannual production cycle. The fly (mitica) harvest is from April–July and the late second season harvest occurs in September–mid-January. This lot comes from the main harvest later in the year.