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巴拿馬 Finca Lerida 蜜處理


地區: Boquete, Chiriquí
豆種: Catuai
咖啡豆簡介/烘焙方向:Lerida 是巴拿馬的名氣莊園之一,亦是該國第一個咖啡種植場,每年競標豆常客。這隻豆雖然只是標上普通蜜處理,生豆外觀亦只可以說不過不失。但在中度偏淺烘焙下,頭韻的甜度是一個驚喜,大莊園的收成處理技術,為平凡的豆子添上了新的色彩。

包裝:100g 原豆/包



This unique coffee hails from the world-famous Finca Lérida – the very first coffee plantation ever established in Panama and still renowned today as producing some of the best and most desirable coffees in the world. With its idyllic setting and fascinating origin story, it’s no wonder that the finca is so well-known. But the true secret of its reputation lies in the cup. This Natural process coffee is full of dried fruit and berries: it’s got the provenance AND a stunning profile.

After being selectively harvested, with only the ripest cherries being picked, the coffee is submerged in water to ‘float’ the underripe and damaged cherries away. The denser cherries are delivered to patios to be dried in the sun for between 20 and 22 days. Once it reaches 11 percent humidity, the coffee is stored is collected to be stored and rested for about 60 days before being delivered to the dry mill for processing and export.

Finca Lérida was established in 1917 by Tollef Boche Mönniche, a Norwegian engineer and graduate of the Royal College of Dresden, Germany.